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Yes, It's a journal.

16 December
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I love tango.

Warning! The following information may upset you whinging, emo kids out there!

I hate Pete Doherty, he's a wanker. I hate new british indy rock shite, except Razorlight =) What the fuck is with the army jackets, the scarves, brown shoes, grandad jackets, bangles and bracelet ?!?!?! Swear my granny had a better dress sense in her 90's.

I like punk rock, rock, metal, industrial, grindcore, thrash, hip-hop, etc etc... from Led Zep to Trivium, from NOFX to Prodigy, The Roots to Rammstein.

As you can tell, I like music :) been to many gig's, namely: RHCP, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stonage, Electric Six (AWESOME BAND), Kasabian, Disturbed, Rammstein, Pennywise, Mars Volta, Soil, Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Cheifs, Inflames, Hell is for Heroes, Stiff Little Fingers, and many, many more..

Aside from music, I have piss all time to do anything else, I play footy now and again, I muck about on my computer, I work in a cinema, I'm studying HND Civil Engineering at Telford College and yeah thats about it really.