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Happy days lad

Got back from Blackpool on Saturday mid-day, day early but seeing Bazza was ill we called it quits (just aswell coz I was broke). Excellent holiday. We ended up going to the pleasure beach for 2 days and must have went on everything at least twice. Tango ice blast was class, had to go on it about 5 times to settle down :p. We only managed to go on Pepsi Max once due to the massive queues and the place closing every 10mins due to high winds. I felt pretty bad with one of us not being able to go on the rides, even when someone says theyre fine I still feel bad, dunno why :/ We all managed to go in the Tunnel of Love though, queue Val Venis music Ohhh Yeahh!

When we weren't at the Pleasure Beach we strolled up the street to North shore, I'd say we covered about 15miles walking back and forth for 3 days or so. There's so muh to do in Blackpool, I hadn't actually realised that until a few days into the holiday. Still no clue where all my money went. Up the road we went to some various exhibitions, Ripley's Beleive It Or Not!, Madame Tussaude's Waxworks, the Sea Life Centre and a Doctor Who exhibition. Have to say the Waxworks was better than what I expected, especially the horror movie character rooms.

We never went out many nights, which was disappointing because I thought that's why we were heading down there, but nevermind. Wednesday ngiht was empty in this 80's bar which I thought was boring, on top of that noone was in the mood for drinking. Couple of other nights we went to some shows in the Pleasure Beach which were amazing, well worth the £30 all day pass. And on the last night we ended up going to err............ yeah and back to the 80's bar we went, some advice, don't let Jonesy buy drinks. I can't remmber getting home that night :(

Sore stomach in the morning, drove home, The End.
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