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I LOVE Pete Doherty

MY OH MY, why are there so many Pete Doherty fanboys out there? I think I'm missing something here, someone better tell me whats going on with this guy, why's he always in the news? why do so many people worship this guy? He doesn't deserve any praise whatsoever, he's done jail time, he snorts cocaine, he's always whinging, and he thinks he's some high and mighty rockstar?! Charlotte Church is now my best buddy;

Speaking to Marie Claire, Church ranted: "He thinks no one understands him but of course we all do. You're just being a w**ker. Go home."

Directed at Pete Doherty btw, haha! It was a close call between her and Johnny Borrell for decking the cunt at Leeds festival. Up yours Pete Doherty.

I'v already been to my new college class twice, I'll tell you how my latest day went; Third day in my new college class, getting to know everyone a bit better and theres not as many awkward silences in my class. For once in my life I feel like the most confident person in the room since I'm the only one with the balls to start any conversation with people. Weird. One dudes a total hippy, don't get the hair thing. Another guys a dumb asian guy, fuck knows how he got in the class. There's some clown who managed to fail introdutory units in the HND last year and has to resit them this year, haha. Then theres the people I like, two guys who just came fresh from some posh school in Edinburgh, coolest people around, shame freshers is in 2 weeks and they've only just turned 17. Then theres the two slightly older guys who I think are the guys I'll get on with most, one guy is from dundee and the others some guy who's been doing graphic design for the passed few years.

Once I got home from college, had about 30mins before I had to get to work so got my shit together asap, started the car and drove down the street. First corner I came to my clutch cable snapped. Fuck. I swear to god I'm the unluckiest guy on the planet, my car was already booked into the garage for tomorrow morning. Got to work, had fun, came home, wrote this, Fin.

PS. My heart goes out to Harvinder and his family, doctors can no longer help his father and he's been given days to live. Fuck Pete Doherty. Fuck Cancer.
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