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Short and sweet

Well well, I'm back again.

Not written in this thing for a while because I'v not been feeling to great as of late. Anyway, I'm just back from seeing The Man, a film starring Samuel L Jackson and "the dad from american pie," Eugene Levy. Personally I thought the film was gonna be funny, not seen much promotion going on for it. I'll keep it as short as possible, the film was crap. Emma fell asleep during it, and I almost joined her, only thing that kept me awake was the temperature in the screen, I was freezing.

Seen a few other films the passed couple weeks, namely 40 Year Old Virgin and The Longest Yard. Two of the funniest films I'v seen. I can't be bothered writing much more because I'm really in a funny place right now, the whole relationship thing messing with my head.

I'm going out tomorrow night (Wednesday), dunno where to but it's gotta be cheap seeing its the first day of freshers week(s), so my college class is heading to town. Working thursday. Friday night I don't know yet but I'll probably have some time to myself at last. And then back to work for Sat/Sun.

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